Utilizing information link technology that applies the Estonian national infrastructure technology of Planetway, jointly promoting the construction of new services for social digital transformation

Planetway Corporation (Headquarters: California, USA, CEO & Founder: Noriaki Hirao, hereinafter Planetway) and Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. agreed to collaborate on the development of a new service for the digital transformation of society by utilizing the highly secure information sharing infrastructure technology "avenue-cross" applying the Estonian national infrastructure technology of Planetway.

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Background of collaboration

Attention has been focused on digital transformation that realizes continuous growth and a sustainable society by connecting everything digitally with the penetration of AI, IoT, etc. and creating a huge amount of analyzed data as new value itself.

Toppan Printing promotes business activities aimed at solving social issues through products and services that have developed and evolved printing technology. In particular, we have defined four areas of future growth as “Health / Life Science”, “Education / Cultural Exchange”, “Urban Space / Mobility”, and “Energy / Food Resources”.

In order to realize digital transformation in consumers, businesses, and society, Toppan Printing is promoting the establishment of a new digital service business that collects and values data and provides services and business substitution based on it. On top of that, it has become an important issue that building an information collaboration platform that can securely and easily handle personal information including sensitive information on the cloud.

Planetway was established in July 2015 and is a global startup that develops business with three pillars: global communications, IoT, and cybersecurity. Establishing a development base in Estonia, we develop and expand global communication services that can be used in 200 countries around the world, as well as businesses that use secure platforms and authentication technologies for data utilization necessary in the age of personal data sovereignty.

Through this collaboration, Toppan Printing and Planetway will co-create social digital transformation and provide solutions that contribute to further growth.

Specific examples of services provided through collaboration

Distribution of consumer information

Based on the information distribution platform of “Shufoo!”, Japan's largest electronic leaflet service owned by Toppan Printing, with the theme of “urban space and mobility”, it promotes the digitization of local communities and communities and the mutual communication of consumers. It is used as an information distribution platform that enriches the lives of consumers through collaboration with data and payment-related information held by many service providers.

Utilization of health / medical / care data

Under the theme of “Health / Life Science”, Toppan Printing will aggregate and analyze work information and health checkup information in addition to the various health care information handled by health points and recommended consultation programs. We develop work engagement improvement programs for corporate health management and solutions that promote changes in consumer behavior.

Used as a personal data store (PDS)

With the theme of “urban space and mobility”, we will use it for data distribution, such as depositing data about the person from the individual in data distribution, and accumulating and managing the stored data on behalf of the individual. In Toppan Printing, while building a business based on the information entry solution "Speed ​​Entry Series", personal data is secured based on the robust security of avenue-cross provided by Planetway and the simplicity of data availability settings.・ We will further improve the environment for safe distribution and utilization.

In addition to this, we will consider using personal information related to education and cultural exchange and energy management information for energy and food resources.

Future goals

Through this collaboration, Toppan Printing will promote the construction of new services for the digital transformation of society, and will carry out a proof of concept (PoC) from April 2018.

Planetway will continue to provide technologies and jointly create use cases for digitizing highly confidential data exchanges in domestic and overseas industries.

About Planetway Corporation

Planetway regards the rights of information related to individuals and privacy as belonging to individuals rather than companies and organizations, and promotes the disclosure / utilization of personal information based on the premise of permitted and denied by the person himself / herself '' Aiming. In order to experience the merits of disclosing personal information and encourage the active use of personal information, it is necessary for companies and organizations surrounding the individual to form and lead an ecosystem, We are developing “avenue-cross” using an information collaboration platform that has a proven track record in Estonia.

About avenue-cross

avenue-cross is an industry-independent, secure information collaboration platform that Planetway is the first in the world to customize and provide an information collaboration platform for Estonia, a private company. Data linkage with other companies can be realized without making major changes to each company's existing systems and databases, so it is possible to expand the application area step by step while utilizing existing systems and databases. Although it supports various relational database linkages at the initial stage, it is particularly effective in highly confidential areas such as personal information and privacy information.

** With the basic technology proven in Estonia, the following three points are possible. **

  1. It is possible to easily permit an individual to disclose who “what” data to “who”
  2. Identity verification and data integrity by electronic authentication / signature (CA) and time stamp (TSA)
  3. Significant efficiency of contract execution through smart contract

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