Our Vision

We firmly believe that data should belong to individuals, not organizations and that individuals should be able to grant access to their data safely, freely and at their own discretion. Essentially, our vision is to realise independent, data-driven social innovation. We aim to usher in a new era of human-centered data sovereignty where data is utilized in a manner favorable to the individual and society by giving individuals personal control of when and how their data is used by third parties. Building on this, in the near future, we strive to realize a society that goes beyond traditional capitalism....

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Cross-Industry Secure Data Access Platform

PlanetCross connects the databases of various enterprises in a decentralized manner. It combines solutions from the world's most advanced e-government with technologies like blockchain to ensure the integrity and security of data and make it accessible to both individuals and corporations. In addition, it realizes the concept of ‘Beyond API’.

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Personal Information Centralisation

An ID which ensures individuals have the right to complete control of their own data held by companies.

  • Extremely low risk of identity theft thanks to well-proven state-of-the-art technology from Estonia
  • Service driven approach focusing on ease of use and implementation
    (initially targeting services with high usage frequency)
  • Application-based, easily scalable
  • Can be used both by residents and nonresidents due to universal ID
  • Individuals can control their own data (authorization/revocation and history browsing)
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Global Digital Security Initiative

We offer a white hat hacker and security personnel development program, brought to you by security engineers, trainers and advisors of world-class security institutions such as NATO, Cyber Terrorism Defense Centers, International Intelligence Organizations, and International Police Organizations. This program involves online courses, Global Cyber Range (CyberPlanet), and the provision of certifications. Details will be released soon.

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Open Innovation Platform

PlanetEco is an open innovation platform for cooperating companies and organizations in a specific field. We utilize our data exchange platform PlanetCross and our personal authentication application PlanetID to develop new services. The four core fields we target are healthcare and medical services, real estate and smart city services, finance and fintech services, automotive and vehicle sharing industry.

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