Planetway Corporation (Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA; Representative: Kenei Hirao, hereinafter referred to as “Planetway”) is a data sharing infrastructure solution “PlanetCross” *1 developed by applying the data sharing infrastructure system “X-Road” in Estonia, an ICT advanced country. We inform you that the actual operation has started.

Nippon Gas Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Junji Wada, hereinafter “Nichigas”) has started operation as a one-stop service for call centers using Planetway's “PlanetCross”. Usually, in case to integrate databases distributed in multiple groups within a group with ensuring a high level of security, it takes enormous costs and time because it requires the construction of new infrastructure and modification of existing systems. The Nichigas aims to unify the operation of searching customer information and receiving inquiries at partnered call centers, and using Planetway's “PlanetCross”, without any modification of the existing database. We realized the early integration of data integration and data exchange infrastructure. In addition to managing access rights to each database, it is also possible to block access to information from outsiders by making the access log unchangeable.

In terms of operation, partnered call center companies can now handle one-stop business operations by operators, greatly reducing the time required for work and enabling work with a small number of people. In addition, the cost and training time required for operator recruitment can be reduced, highly secure data sharing becomes possible, and business expansion at shared call centers becomes easy. In the future, Nichigas intends to sell this service and system, and to achieve a one-stop service and a stress-free world from this service.

Planetway will continue to proactively provide solutions to promote efficient data utilization within companies (including groups) and between companies using PlanetCross.

*1: “PlanetCross” is the world ’s first customized data sharing platform for the private sector of the e-government-developed country of Estonia, “X-Road”. Realize cooperation. In order to enable data share with other companies without changing existing systems and databases, the application area can be expanded gradually. It is especially effective for data use in highly confidential areas such as personal information and privacy information.

[Features of PlanetCross] • Application of “X-Road”, which has 18 years of operation experience in Estonia • Infinite scalability • Flexible access control • Data tampering prevention, integrity and traceability at the same time

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