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June 6, 2019 Planetway Japan Co., Ltd.

Starting to offer "PlanetCross product version", a data linkage infrastructure solution

Planetway Corporation (Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA; Representative: Noriaki Hirao, Planetway) is a product version of the data link infrastructure solution "PlanetCross", a technology based on the Estonian-born data link infrastructure system "X-Road" was released in April. The “X-ROAD WORLD MAP” that shows the distribution of usage status of the e-government data linkage platform “X-Road” in the Republic of Estonia and Finland in the world based on examples of data linkage between companies using “PlanetCross”. However, the other day, Japan has been registered as a country that has implemented the data linkage infrastructure. (Reference:

In the future, we will continue to proactively provide solutions to promote efficient data usage within and between companies (including groups) and between companies using the mechanism of PlanetCross, a data linkage platform.

What is PlanetCross "PlanetCross" is the world's first customized "X-Road", the data linkage platform in the advanced country of electronic administration, Estonia, for private companies. It can securely implement data linkage within and between companies on the Internet. The difference from the conventional system is that effecitive development is possible, because data linkage with other companies can be realized without making major changes to existing systems and databases, and the application area can be expanded step by step while utilizing existing systems and databases. It is especially effective for data use in highly confidential areas such as personal information and privacy information.

For example, by utilizing PlanetCross, we can respond to requests that a database constructed and managed separately in each department within the organization can be accessed centrally in the existing environment, and you want to transport data held in the organization to other companies and organizations and create new services for them.

PlanetCross Features

  1. Abundant operational experience of X-Road in Estonia for 18 years
  2. Infinite scalability
  3. Flexible access control
  4. Realize data falsification prevention, integrity and traceability at the same time

About Planetway Our company is a start-up company that develops "PlanetCross", which is a data linkage technology that supports the national number system of the Republic of Estonia, which is considered to be an advanced country of electronic administration, with its own development. Planetway regards the right of personal and privacy information as belonging to the individual, not the company or organization, and has a mission of ''For the Human-centric and Secure Planet '' We aim to promote the disclosure / utilization of personal information on the premise of “consent, denial at your own discretion”.

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