Planetway Corporation*1 (Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA; CEO & Founder: Noriaki Hirao, “Planetway”) is pleased to announce the completion of a medical information collaboration demonstration experiment*2 that Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Toshifumi Kitazawa, President of the Board of Directors, “Tokio Marine & Nichido”) , combined our highly secure data linkage technology with existing blockchain technology.

1. Background

Blockchain is attracting a lot of attention as a technology that is expected to be used in various fields such as payment and transaction automation, but the use of encryption technology in blockchain is to prevent forgery and tampering. Since the data itself is not encrypted, there are problems in handling confidential information and personal information.

In particular, for use in areas that require extremely high confidentiality over a long period of time, such as contracts and medical information handled in insurance operations, normal encryption is not sufficient, and new technologies There is a need to overcome the problems.

2. Outline of the demonstration experiment

  1. Contents

Tokio Marine & Nichido conducted a demonstration experiment to utilize a medical information linkage model that combines Planetway's avenue-cross*3, a data linkage platform that applies extremely high security technology that supports the Estonian national number system, and existing blockchain technology.

Specifically, medical information related to customer's insurance claims is requested to medical institutions through the blockchain, and data is received through the data linkage infrastructure "avenue-cross", while ensuring the security of medical information, We verified whether simplification and speeding up of insurance payment operations could be realized.

avenue-cross overview

As a partner of this experiment, Iizuka Hospital*4 (Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Director Masahide Masumoto) cooperated with medical information cooperation, and in providing the experimental field, Aso Information System Co.,Ltd*5 (Head office: Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City, President and CEO Hidetoshi Hatanaka, "Aso Information System") and Fukuoka Regional Strategy Promotion Council*6 (Chairman: Yasushi Aso, "FDC") I received.

  1. Implementation period January-October 2017 (including verification using actual data: September-October 2017)
  2. Results

The main results verified in this experiment are as follows.

We succeeded to collaborate highly sensitive data, such as contract details and medical information, between insurance companies and medical institutions with ensuring safety. We were able to show the feasibility to simplify and speed up future insurance payment operations. For example, in cases where a medical certificate is required for insurance claims, we can shorten the period for exchanging documents by mail between Tokio Marine & Nichido and the customer, and the period for the customer to request the medical institution to prepare a medical certificate, and to obtain and provide it. We can expect that the period from insurance claim to insurance payment will be shortened by about one month.

We've confirmed that the combination of blockchain and data collaboration platform “avenue-cross” is useful for solving privacy protection issues, which are the weaknesses of blockchain.

By applying the technology used in this experiment, we could confirm that there is a possibility that it will lead to improve operational efficiency and customer convenience even in business areas that handle highly confidential data other than insurance payment work.

3. Evaluation of this initiative

  1. In April 2017, we've won the Gold Award in the Efma “Connected insurance and ecosystems” section at the “Innovation in Insurance Award” co-sponsored by Accenture.

  1. In October 2017, we were selected as a finalist in the “Most Innovative Digital Business Model” category in the Asia-Pacific area of ​​the “2017 Gartner Financial Services Eye on Innovation Awards” sponsored by Gartner.

4. Future development

Through this experiment, it was shown that blockchain can be used in areas that handle highly confidential data, so Tokio Marine & Nichido will create new customer value and make innovative use of blockchain in a wide range of fields. We will consider improving operational efficiency.

In addition, the widespread use of highly confidential information platforms, such as avenue-cross, will lead to the provision of security and safety to all stakeholders, including customers. We aim to contribute broadly to society as a whole while actively utilizing new technologies.

[*1] Planetway Corporation : Established in July 2015 with the aim of developing business on a global scale with the three keywords of global communication, IoT, and data as business pillars. Currently providing a communication service that can be used in 200 countries around the world, while setting up a development base in Estonia, the platform "avenue-cross" specialized in creating new IoT businesses, and for assigning personal information held by companies to individuals Development of authentication service "Planet ID".

[*2] News release dated January 24, 2017 "Started demonstration project to expand application area of ​​blockchain technology"

[*3] Features and advantages of avenue-cross : “Avenue-cross” is a highly secure data infrastructure that enables distributed data linkage, and will be the first in the world to use technology that supports the national infrastructure of Estonia, the world's most advanced electronic nation, in private projects. Data can be interlinked with security and data integrity verified, and access history can be tracked completely. In combination with blockchain technology, it is possible to realize data utilization across various industries and industries, including areas that have been difficult to use for reasons such as confidentiality of information.

[*4] Iizuka Hospital [] ( : A hospital of the Aso Group, located in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and conducts medical activities as a regional medical center under the motto of “Magoko Medical Service, Mokoro Service”.

[*5] Aso Information System : As a user software company of the Aso Group, we are involved in system development in various fields, mainly in the medical field, and our mission is to contribute to the creation of a society where people can live with peace of mind by continuing to pursue more advanced and high-quality services. It is said.

[*6] Fukuoka Regional Strategy Promotion Council (FDC) : FDC is an industry-academia-government-oriented sink-and-tank that consistently covers the development and promotion of growth strategies in order to create a new vision of Fukuoka and strengthen the international competitiveness of the region. It consists of approximately 140 companies, universities, governments, and other members, and aims to make the Fukuoka metropolitan area a business hub for East Asia as a business exchange, development and sales base.

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