Started providing digital ID platform "PlanetID MVP version"

Planetway Corporation (Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA; Representative: Kenei Hirao, Planetway) has released the digital ID platform "PlanetID MVP Version (Minimum Viable Product) *1".

In the future, we will continue to utilize the data sharing infrastructures of PlanetCross and PlanetID to realize the data personal sovereignty, and to promote the use of personal data among companies based on personal consent. We will actively work to provide the solution.

PlanetID is a digital ID platform that provides ID assignment, authentication, and electronic signature functions according to the level of identity verification. In addition, by combining PlanetID with PlanetCross, personal data share between companies based on individual permission can be realized.

PlanetID is expected to be used in the area of smart contracts in that it is a universal ID that has been confirmed to exist, and in that it can utilize digital certificates. In the point that it has function of consent, it is effective in areas such as personal information banks that utilize highly confidential data, personal infomation and infomation related with privacy. We can respond to requests that you want to create a new service by using data of personal information.

*1 Features of PlanetID

・ Authentication function: It is possible to authenticate by strong security technology for service login ・ Electronic signature: It is possible to make an electronic signature using an electronic certificate for the end user's signature. ・ Information sharing: It is possible to share personal data to companies that want to use data with the consent of the end user.

Expanded support OS for data sharing infrastructure solution, “PlanetCross product version” and started providing additional service “File Exchange MVP version”

Planetway Corporation has expanded the support OS for the data sharing infrastructure solution "PlanetCross", a technology based on the Estonian-born data sharing infrastructure system "X-Road". From August, it gets possible to adapt Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). In addition, “File Exchange MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version *2” service has started as an optional service.

In the future, we will continue to actively work on the addition and improvement of functions to promote efficient data utilization within and between companies (including groups) and between companies using the mechanism of PlanetCross, which is a data sharing platform.

FileExchange is an optional service of “PlanetCross”, the world's first customized product for private companies, “X-Road”, a data sharing platform in the Republic of Estonia. File sharing within and between companies can be realized securely on the Internet. By realizing secure file sharing by FileExchange, it is possible to further improve convenience for companies using PlanetCross.

*2 Features of File exchange

・ Providing file sharing ・ Flexible access control ・ Prevents data falsification, completeness and traceability at the same time

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