Planetway Corporation (Headquarters: San Jose, CA, USA; Representative: Norihiro Hirao; Planetway) now provides support services to comply with GDPR law, which strengthens and integrates data protection for all individuals in the EU.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, which took effect on May 25, 2018, replacing the EU Data Protection Directive, which has been applied in the EU since 1995. Companies outside the EU, including Japan, have been widely affected, and recently large fines on violating companies have been imposed. Domestically, the Cabinet-approved bill that partially revises the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” has been amended in accordance with GDPR.

In order to respond promptly to security changes in the market environment, our company has partnered with a lawyer firm specialized in GDPR, and will start providing GDPR measures support service.
We have already begun providing services to a major distribution company, and based on this success we officially announce our support services as available.

GDPR compliance support service content

We provide comprehensive support services for GDPR compliance from development phase to the continuous production operation phase.

1.GDPR assessment and training services
We will use a questionnaire to assess and analyze your company's GDPR readiness, and provide you with training from a professional EU lawyer.

2.GDPR requirements definition service
We will present individual requirements for each company according to the business, and organize information so that it does not violate GDPR.

3.GDPR implementation support service
We help companies implement and formulate regulations, policies, and processes to comply with GDPR.

4.Periodical audit service for GDPR compliance
We will continuously check the GDPR compliance status and create an audit report.

Going forward, Planetway will continue to promote the efficient use data within and between companies using our data linkage platform PlanetCross and our universal ID platform PlanetID, as well as corporate security measures through GDPR support services.

About Planetway

Planetway Corporation a start-up headquartered in California, has developed its own core platform technology "PlanetCross," an advanced version of the powerful Estonian e-government administration platform “X-Road”, and “PlanetID,” a digital universal ID with functions including ID assignment(identity-verified), authentication, and electronic signature. Our company is certified as an X-ROAD TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS. Based on the fundamental idea that the rights to personal information belong to individuals rather than companies or organizations, Planetway has created a mission to change society "For a Human-centric and Secure Planet" with the aim to promote the idea of information disclosure or utilization by an “individual’s consent or denial thereof”.

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About the founder

Born in 1983, Noriaki Hirao is a three-time entrepreneur (with one liquidation), founding companies in entertainment, semiconductor and IoT fields. As a student, he studied space engineering, organic chemistry and marketing in the United States, then founding a content production startup for Hollywood films and video games. In 2008, after graduating from California State University he returned to Japan joining SoftBank Mobile and received several in-house awards, including first prize for sales competing against 800 national mobile salespersons. In 2011, he co-founded a technology licensing company (TLO), which signed a joint development research agreement with Tohoku University. He attempted to expand business in next-generation semiconductor, centering on 500 patent strategies, but unfortunately the company had to be liquidated. In 2014, he was appointed as the domestic Business Development Manager for Sircom, a Taiwanese IoT equipment ODM vendor, and General Manager of their New Business Innovation Office for WirelessGate, specifically responsible for new business development in the IoT field. From July 2015, Noriaki founded Planetway, a global startup (USA, Japan, Estonia) acuminating his various experiences. In 2017, the company introduced technology for securely communicating patient information between Tokio Marine & Nichido Insurance and Iizuka Hospital and was awarded the “World's No. 1” rating award for the solution. In 2019, Planetway achieved its first commercialization of a product (PlanetCross), now servicing more than 1.3 million service account users. After 2020, the company aims to expand its infrastructure in Japan and globally. Noriaki has a unique vision for the realization of the age of data sovereignty and the evolution of capitalism.

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