Announcement of Comprehensive Agreement of Cooperation with Ichikawa City

Planetway Corporation (Headquarters: California, USA, Japan Branch: Planetway Japan Co., Ltd., Representative: Noriaki Hirao, hereinafter referred to as Planetway) is pleased to announce that Ichikawa City in Chiba prefecture (hereinafter Ichikawa City) and Planetway have concluded “Agreement of Cooperation between Ichikawa City and Planetway Japan Co., Ltd. ”.

Planetway has signed "Agreement of Cooperation between Ichikawa City and Planetway Japan Co., Ltd." in the presence of Ambassador Vaino Reynart of the Republic of Estonia and Deputy Minister of Economics and Communications, Viyar Ruby.

The purpose of this agreement is to promote collaboration through effective use of each resource and contribute to the development of local communities and the improvement of citizen services.

Mayor Murakoshi said, “This agreement has great significance in terms of improving citizen services through information policy, and it also leads to friendship with Estonia.” In doing so, I would like to make efforts to create services that can provide convenience and to solve social issues. " Ambassador Reynart said that “I am delighted that foresighted and forward-looking local governments like Ichikawa City, Estonia and Planetway will be able to build partnerships.”

Planetway will use its own data sharing platform (PlanetCross) to increase the attractiveness of Ichikawa City as a city, and will continue to discuss the realization of a convenient and comfortable town.

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