To be issued a PlanetID it is necessary to verify your identity through a process which meets the legal standards of financial and telecommunications institutions. The encryption of the private key, which is based on the digital certificate authentication of the end user, guarantees high security during the service login process. (Multifactor authentication, including biometric authentication, is also possible.)

Digitally Sign

Various transactions such as referring or acquiring data can be signed digitally by utilizing the electronic certificate as the signature of the end user. This process makes signatures and stamps unnecessary and encourages the realization of Smart Contract.

Share Information

The end user can grant permission for the company to share their personal data with others over the cross-industry data access platform, PlanetCross. After the permission is granted with PlanetID, the company holding the data can collaborate with companies who want to utilize external data, and services will be provided to the individuals in return.

Protect Your Data

The robust security infrastructure helps to prevent identity theft. Furthermore, it is possible to check who has had access to your data and control who is allowed to see it and who is not.

How it works

Step 1

Download PlanetID application from App Store OR Google Play and install it on your smartphone.

Step 2

Launch the app and begin registration, choose an identity verification company, verify your identity and receive your PlanetID.

Step 3

You can use PlanetID for certification and signing to receive different services from companies and organizations.