Cross-Industry Secure Data Access Platform

PlanetCross supports various RDBs (Relational Databases). It is a secure solution for exchanging confidential data. It is simple to set up this data access platform with other companies over the internet, without making major changes to existing systems and databases.

Customizing the 17 years-proven infrastructure of Estonia’s e-government for the private sector

Secure Data Exchange

Constructing a large scale decentralized database network

Unlimited scalability due to a multi-protocol that supports a wide range of platforms

Beyond API

Core Technologies


Available on-premises or in the cloud and for any type of database. An"RDB Adapter" module can absorb and standardize differences in RDB. Simple GUI-based settings can control the amount of data published.


Highly effective TLS encryption guarantees security during data exchange.


A Certificate Authority (CA) and a Time Stamp Authority (TSA) tracks who views and/or acquires data and the time at which it happens.


  • Automotive

    Grand Prize/ Special Jury Prize (Nissan Motor Corporation)

  • Healthcare

    Special Jury Prize (Dentsu Digital Corporation)

  • Efma–Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards

    Grand Prize winner: Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance in collaboration with Planetway

  • Gartner Financial Services Eye on Innovation Awards for the Asia Pacific region 2017

    Finalist: Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance in collaboration with Planetway