Our Vision

We believe that data should belong to individuals, not organizations. Individuals should have authority over the sharing of their data. Essentially, our vision is of an independent, data-driven society. We aim create an era of human-centered data sovereignty where data is used on an individual permission basis to best benefit the individual and society. In doing so, we strive to realize a society that surpasses the constraints of traditional capitalism.


By 2020 there will be 50-100 billion devices connected to the internet and this amount will exceed 1 trillion by 2035. The IoT market is predicted to grow to incorporate hundreds of trillions of devices and be valued at thousands of trillions of Yen. Machine learning and neural networks development began in 2007, and now, the world is currently at a turning point with the third AI boom upon us. We are surrounded by advanced technologies and a diverse business environment, entering a turbulent era which will have a revolutionary impact in human history.
However, many businesses still don’t know how to harness and exploit major technology trends such as IoT and AI. We aim to coordinate new and existing technological trends and transform them into businesses. As a technology development company, we will provide original technology and our own platform to do business globally.

Message from CEO

We believe that a clear data utilization method alongside robust cybersecurity will be of utmost importance in the future. Our PlanetEco platform is being developed to promote data utilization to create new business collaborations in various areas (including IoT / AI). PlanetCross, our data access platform specializes in cross-industry data exchange. PlanetID is another product which provides a highly secure 'universal personal authentication infrastructure'. Our global standard white hat hacker development program, PlanetGuardians, promotes cybersecurity collaboration. We are also working towards developing a proprietary data analysis engine that combines multiple open databases to bring new value to the data they hold.

Noriaki Hirao

CEO & Founder