Taku Inoue

Taku Inoue graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Technology in 2007. He graduated the Science Education Program School of Law in the University of Tokyo in 2009. Inoue passed the national bar examination in 2010. In 2011 he became registered as a lawyer (Daini Tokyo Bar Association) and Member of JAPAN MENSA.

He specializes in general dispute resolution (especially litigation requiring advanced expertise such as intellectual property litigation, system development litigation, medical litigation) and Corporate Law Criminal Defense Surveys (Third Party Committee, Expert Person Committee etc). His published works include: "Practice of Preparation for Shareholders’ Meeting for Year 2014 and Anticipated Questions and Planned Answers ” Published by Chuokeizaisha (2014) (Co-author). "Introduction to Compliance for Corporate Workers”, published by Daiichi-Hoki Shuppan, “Handbook for Directors and Officers”(2nd Ed). Published by Shojihomu (2015) (Co-author),”Strategy to Utilize System of Company with Audit Etc. Committee” Published by Shojihomu (2015) (Co-author).