The only infrastructure in the world that has survived cyber warfare unhacked. Ever.

We're building on, and vastly improving, the already best-in-class e-government technology of Estonia, a world-leading, connected digital society for the past 20 years. Planetway is raising the level to meet the rigorous demands of the Japanese marketplace, and in doing so is creating the world’s best information security infrastructure technology. The Planetway® Data Sovereignty Alliance aims to bring together the global business community with one common goal: of revolutionising the free market with a new kind of digital society.

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Return full data sovereignty back to the individual.


Return the Internet back to the original principles on which it was founded.


Integrated ID for all human beings and all things.


Revolutionise the free market and bring about a better form of capitalism.


Avoid a future scenario where everything is controlled by AI.


Expand the possibilities of what humans can do through the power of technology.

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