Corporate Leadership

Board of Directors

Noriaki Hirao

President, CEO & Founder

Hirao Noriaki was born in 1983. He has experience in three creations and one liquidation of companies in the entertainment, semiconductor, IoT, and cybersecurity fields...

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Masahide Kamachi

Outside Auditor

At PwC Tax Corporation, Masahide engaged in comprehensive accounting and tax consulting services for domestic owner companies, including business succession, M & A reorganization, capital policy, IPO support, corporate revitalization, consolidated accounting, consolidated tax payment, and overseas expansion support.

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Core Members

Jaan Priisalu

Chief Scientist

Jaan Priisalu is a world-known authority in the security of infrastructure and information assets. He has more than 15 years of practical experience in...

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Raul Allikivi


Raul Allikivi was born in Estonia in 1979. He graduated from Tartu University in 2002 completing his master's degree at Waseda University in 2005 and started working at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications...

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Masakazu Ohtsuka

Executive Officer CTO

Ohtsuka has 15 years of extensive experience in system and business development. Since joining Planetway in 2017, he has supervised engineers both in Japan and...

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Takahiro Aoki

Executive Officer

He joined Planetway at April in 2019 , works for consulting sales and then became General Manager of Business Promotion Division. Before joiing Planetway, he worked for various projects for all of industries as IT consultant, Strategic consultant, Sales, New Business Development.

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Advisory Board


Satomi Kiuchi

As a construction engineer in the civil engineering business department of a major construction company, Satomi has long been involved in practical design work and project management in in fields such as factory civil engineering, harbor engineering.

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Taku Inoue

Taku Inoue graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Technology in 2007. He graduated the Science Education Program School of Law in the University of Tokyo in 2009. Inoue passed the national bar examination in 2010...

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Godo Irukayama

Godo Irukayama developed an automatic stage lighting control system in 1982. In 1983, he joined a chemical company where he developed artificial organs at the company's research institute...

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Tsukasa Makino

Born 1958 in Yokohama Tsukasa Graduated from Keio University with a degree in Economics (Department of Econometrics). In 1981 he joined Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. promoting digitalization of the company, and from 2014 to 2018, he concurrently served in three departments: Planning Department, Corporate Planning Department, and the Tokio Marine Research Institute.

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