Indrek Neivelt

Indrek Neivelt has been contributing to the development of cutting-edge banking systems in Europe over 25 years. In 2014, he founded mobile banking service, Pocopay and has been the CEO of the company since then. Prior to that, he successively held important posts such as CEO of Hansabank (current Swedbank), Chairman of Supervisory Board at Bank St Petersburg headquartered in Russia and Estonian Development Fund. During his 8-year service at Bank St Petersburg, he led it to become one of the most essential banks in Russia. At Hansabank, Mr. Neivelt introduced the latest technologies to the branches of Baltic States and contributed to the digital transformation. Furthermore, he also led the acquisition of 5 other banks, which helped Hasabank to grow to the largest bank in Baltic States holding over 4 million customers. Mr. Neivelt has won several esteemed awards including Global Leader for Tomorrow (GLT) from The World Economic Forum.