Tetsuzo Matsumoto

Special Advisor

Tetsuzo Matsumoto, also known as Ted, graduated from Kyoto University’s Faculty of Law in 1962 and joined ITOCHU Corporation.

He served as Senior Vice President and Electronics Director of ITOCHU America, Manager of Telecommunications Business Division of Tokyo Headquarters, Director of Multimedia Business Division, and Executive Director of Space Information Department.

In 1996 he went independent and founded a consulting company, Japan Link Co., Ltd. In 1998, he established QUALCOMM Japan Co., Ltd. upon request of QUALCOMM, Inc., and assumed the position of President and CEO. In 2005, when he was appointed as Chairman of the Board and Senior Vice President of the US headquarters. As head of Japan, Southeast Asia and Oceania he commenced working on developing a new global mobile service.

In September 2006, upon the request of Softbank's President Masayoshi Son, he was appointed vice president (technical superintendent and CSO) of Vodafone Japan which was acquired by Softbank. In October of that year, he took office as Vice President of the same company, which was renamed SOFTBANK MOBILE. He retired from the position of vice president in June 2011 and retired as a director (special adviser) in June 2012, but continued serving as a senior advisor on a contract basis.

In November 2013 he revived the consulting business, Japan Link, which currently holds contracts with several companies, mainly domestic and foreign telecommunication carriers.

He also served as a guest professor at the Meiji University professional graduate school of global business for two years from 2013. From 1995 to 1998 he wrote three business novels under the pen name Kuji Takeshi's, published by Diamond Company and in July 2017, "The day when AI becomes a god - Singularity saves humanity)", published by SB Creative.