Planetway Corporation (Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA, CEO: Nori Hirao) is pleased to announce the appointment of Nobuhisa Ito as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Planetway Japan K.K. Itoh will oversee the business development branch in Japan and will strengthen the management system to allow for more business expansion.

Nobuhisa Itoh

Itoh has over 20 years of experience in setting up businesses and establishing systems in the IT industry. In 2010 he helped launch Sercomm Japan Inc., a Japanese branch of the Taiwanese Corporation specializing in ODM. He was appointed as President and Representative Director in the same year and for the next 8 years, Itoh was committed to expanding ODM business in the Japanese domestic market. Prior to that, he also worked as executive officer of Silex Technology, Inc. In addition to this, he has 12 years experience at MACNICA, Inc. where together with numerous overseas business investors and managers he supported foreign IT companies in entering and launching in the Japanese market.

Nori Hirao, Representative Director and Founder of Planetway, articulates: “Planetway is in its expansion phase with many projects having already been launched. Itoh has been involved in the launch of a number of IT companies and has established systems which have led to success. Itoh’s contribution will strengthen the management base of our Japanese branch so that we can develop a system which allows us to take on more projects.”

About Planetway

Planetway is a startup that develops a data access platform, PlanetCross, which is based on technology supporting the Estonian e-government. Planetway believes that “the right to information and privacy should belong to individuals, not enterprises and organizations.” Our mission is for a “Human-centric and Secure Planet.” We promote the publication and utilization of personal data, on the condition that permission is granted by the individual.

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