Global Digital Security Initiative

We provide a white hat hacker and security personnel training program. PlanetGuardians is brought to you by security engineers, trainers and advisors from world-class security institutions including NATO, a Cyber Terrorism Defense Center, an International Intelligence Organization, and an International Police Organization. This program involves online courses, a Global Cyber Range (CyberPlanet), and certifications. More details will be released soon.

How it works

An all inclusive service: Planetway provides content, training, certification and the infrastructure. This allows for our staff, our partners and our customers to collaborate on collective cyber security, staying up-to-date with new developments in the field and actively combatting the risk of cyber attack.

Who are the Guardians?

The Guardians community is made up of specialists, company teams, and a distributed network of ‘white hat hackers’ and cyber security actors. It is our role to provide the online spaces for this work to take place, through our community portal, cyber range, and data utilization tools.


A cyber range is a virtual environment that is used for cyber warfare training and cyber technology development. It provides tools that help strengthen the stability, security, and performance of cyberinfrastructures and IT systems used by government and military agencies, and in this case, business corporations.


The PlanetGuardians community facilitates the sharing of ideas and information and provides a support network where experts and customers can interact and learn with the overall aim of strengthening their ability to protect themselves from cyber attacks in a sustainable, affordable, and ongoing way.


To protect the market ecosystem, we train and support Guardians in our partner companies. To gain the status of a Guardian, it is necessary to pass stringent tests. We design of evaluation to ensure that high standards of competency are always maintained. Our in-house experts design the curriculum and testing methods explicitly for this purpose.


Instead of competing for market control, we collaborate to fight the real enemy and help our partners and their companies create a safe business environment. By partnering with large multinational corporations, we can foster a culture of cybersecurity robustness worldwide, which filters down to their own customers and subsidiaries.


Consulting Firms
System Integrators
Cloud Vendors
Printing Companies
Financial Institutions




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International Police Agency

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International Intelligence Agency