What is PlanetEco?

PlanetEco is an open innovation platform to allow cooperation between companies and organizations in a specific industry. We utilize our data exchange platform, PlanetCross, and our personal authentication application, PlanetID, to develop new services.

Core Areas


Real Estate



Example Use Cases

HealthcareCollaboration between Medical Institution and Insurance Company

Utilization of personal data on end user’s application
Purpose: Improve usability and reduce operational costs

When submitting an insurance claim, a patient can grant the hospital permission to exchange their electronic medical data with the insurance company. This exchange occurs rapidly and securely and greatly reduces the period from insurance claim to payment.

FinanceCollaboration between financial institutions and other service providers

Utilization of personal data based on service provider’s request
Purpose: Opportunity to create new services

End users can choose to register and disclose information such as their hobbies and interests on their accounts at different financial institutions. Other companies can then access this public data and provide new services. We expect this kind of system to create new business beneficial to both companies and individuals.

Smart CityBusiness-government cooperation in specific areas

We will support the advancement of Smart Cities by partnering with real estate developers. Individuals living in the area will be provided IDs which they can use to receive all kinds of services in various fields such as finance, education, and transportation


Coming soon

Secure P2P Data SystemInter-company information collaboration

Distributed information exchange can be carried out over the internet without laying expensive, dedicated lines between headquarters and subsidiaries within the group, and agencies and suppliers outside of the group. PlanetCross modules make it unnecessary to collect data centrally because it is possible to rapidly exchange data, not only including RDBs (Relational Databases), but also documents, movies, and sound. This drastically reduces the cost of information exchange.

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We are looking for partners open to consider various use cases using our core technologies, PlanetID and PlanetCross!

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